Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sistering & The Knitalong: A Brief History

When The TTC Knitalong began in 2005, our community was much smaller. There were fewer shops   and fewer participants. Each year, as Toronto’s knitting community grew, so did the Knitalong.  About 5 years ago we found ourselves, for the first time, with a little registration money left over after covering event costs. It was decided to donate the surplus to charity – but which charity? We wanted something local, something that served women & hopefully, something that somehow related to yarn. Sistering was chosen by unanimous vote.

For more than 33 years, Sistering has been providing support services and encouragement to socially isolated women. The organization is central to their lives. It is their community where they receive basic necessities we all take for granted. The drop-in centre provides hot meals (144 000 last year!), clothing, washrooms and laundry facilities. Programs include informal counseling, employment readiness, peer harm reduction and access to healthcare. Most importantly, Sistering is a place to meet friends – women in similar circumstances.*

Spun Studio, a Sistering project, is a textile micro business incubator. They teach and create knitting, sewing and weaving, providing women marginalized from main stream economic opportunity with a sense of belonging and self esteem. Many of you will recall the beautiful hand woven placemats, donated by Spun, which formed the centre piece of last year’s Grand Prize raffle. Happily, Spun is able to donate another prize this year!

The TTC Knitalong is proud to have raised $1600 for Sistering in 2013 through registration fees, raffle ticket sales and supplier sponsorship. Thank you all so much! Please continue to support our sponsors and don’t forget to get your raffle tickets when you register.

*Much of this paragraph is reprinted with permission  from the Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas programme.

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